Our History:

Patchworks Farm - Outdoor Learning Laboratory

"Modern educational systems belong to a phase of cultural history that is now coming to an end -- that must come to an end, according to contemporary observers, because they are inherently and absolutely unsustainable."

Ron Miller, Quaker Education

For many members of our youth culture there is a serious void in their connections to Nature and their communities that is so important to personal development.  

Through hands-on experiences at our farm our goals are to:

  • Cultivate a sense of appreciation and respect for the natural environment and an understanding of the seasons;
  • Educate children on the benefits of eating fresh, healthy foods;
  • Establish a sense of community and increase support for locally grown foods;
  • Provide our community members with the skills necessary to sustain themselves and their environment by growing their own healthy, nourishing foods;
  • Provide disadvantaged and any interested young people with job training, both on the Farm and at our sales outlets;
  • Provide fresh, healthy produce to nonprofit organizations that feed disadvantaged populations;
  • Show kids that connecting with nature and learning about food and growing it -- is fun!

Along with the Cardinal Newman and other Community Based Service Learning programs and other members of our collaboration, we are transforming Patchworks into a significant model for sustainability education.  

Patchworks Farm Living Curriculum:

  • Organic Gardening (Cultivating Impact)
  • Creative Media Arts (Reel Community Action)
  • Green Energy Projects (Local Solar Mentors)
  • Green Building Projects
  • Living Foods (culinary, honey cultivation)
  • Ecology & Economics
  • Alternative fuels (biodiesel, etc)
  • Alternative transportation

     Students are offered field based learning that includes scientific discovery, invention and exploration.  Independent research is included in the context of the farm and the environmental challenges we are facing at this time on the planet.


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