My uncle died yesterday on his 84th birthday.  I told people I would go vegetarian in his honor.  "Why" they asked, he was not a vegetarian.  I told them it is because he cared so much about the earth and in his dying days asked me to take care of his grandson as well as my own. Being a vegetarian would put me in the company of millions of others who don't eat meat either because it is too expensive or not available.  I am joining them because it is another great way to step off the overconsumption bandwagon that is mowing our species right off mother earth.  I am also joining for my own body which is over cholesteroled and overweight.  I am also joining the non meat eating host because it is a way to show a solidarity of oneness on the planet.  My uncles death once again reminded me to live each day open eyed, open armed, and open minded.  So....on we go for our little while.  Love, Noel