April 24, day 4 vegetarian
 Do you think we are really going to go extinct sooner rather than later? Almost for sure we will.  I am starting to think we who are in love with life have to really seriously consider palliative care for the human species.  Like all living things we come from the past, live through a very short present, and move into the future,leaving nothing behind except room for other forms of life to replace us. In the case of the human species, perhaps, good riddance to bad rubbish.   Maybe its time to disconnect our support systems: oil, alcohol, travel, vacations, taxes, single family homes, retirement plans, all the stuff that we hang onto to increase the quality of life.  Oddly, unlike the medical type of palliative care, this kind of intentional disconnect would keep us going long into the future.  This is an intentional transition to a new kind of life that is sustainable.
 That's the way to go alright, while always enjoying our very brief moment in time knowing that 99.9 percent of every form of life ever evolved has gone extinct.    

Well enough of that bullshit. How about a vegetarian diet.  Day 3- homemade chili soup, tofu sausage  and bread, carrots and celery. asparagus spears, two tangerines, oatmeal and raisins.  Still fatter than shit around 240 lbs.  Exercise =0 too much rain.