Patchworks is designing a new program that will focus on at risk youth and support them in learning real world skills.

Patchworks will work with local youth programs and high schools to recruit participants into the program. Patchworks has existing and working relationships with Montgomery High, Cardinal Newman High, and Social Advocates for Youth (SAY). Patchworks will work with the participant’s  school  so  that  they  can  earn  school credit on the projects that they work on in the community and farm during the school year. Patchworks will be looking for and integrating projects into its program that promote and accomplish its mission and vision. They  will provide the following characteristics:

  1. Learning takes students out of classrooms and into the community and natural environment.
  2. Students’ contributions make a difference to environmental quality and of the well- being of communities.
  3. Place-based projects are integrated back into the classroom lessons.
  4. Students want to learn in order to apply their knowledge to solving real problems.
  5. Students play an active role in defining and shaping projects.
  6. Students collaborate with local citizens, organizations, agencies, businesses, and government.
  7. Working alongside community members, students help make plans that shape the future of their social, physical, and economic environment.
  8. Students are encouraged to view their community as an ecosystem and to understand the relationships and processes necessary to support healthy living.
  9. By mapping their school and its surrounding community, students create visual representations of the systems nested within larger systems that constitute their local place in its wholeness.

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