Who are We and What Do We Do:

Patchworks is a grass-roots community collaboration of schools, businesses, health-care organizations, and agribusinesses all of whom support our mission of fostering earth-friendly, sustainable living.  Our non-profit corporation 501 (c) 3 has formed this collaboration to restore our connection to the planet.  We have a delightful red barn with solar panels, a geodesic dome for community meetings, outdoor clay for our culinary projects, biofuel station, beehives, composting bins and chickens as part of our growing outdoor lab. We are located near Ursuline and Cardinal Newman High Schools in Northern Santa Rosa.  We engage hundreds of youth from elementary to community college age groups in various land-based sustainability oriented projects to help guide them to a more sustainable future.

A New Vision for Patchworks:

·Who: We will serve Santa Rosa’s underserved youth, who are most at risk of dropping out of school.

·What: A one year intensive afternoon, afterschool, and summer works program where for two months during the summer, participants will enter Patchworks Summer Youth Works Program. During this time they will be paid to work on various environmental and community building projects throughout Sonoma County.

·How: Patchworks staff and volunteer educators will work in conjunction with local high schools to teach high school youth through hands on experiential based and service learning projects. These projects and lessons include topics such as renewable energy, food security, sustainable living methods, and community building.

·Why: Patchworks will be an afternoon and afterschool program, and safe haven where students will learn and work on different projects that can be used for school credit. This will enhance their lives physically, mentally and spiritually as well as boost their confidence and give them the responsibility necessary to help propel them into the next stage of life.

·Where: Patchworks is looking for a new place to call home. One, or many, service learning sites in Santa Rosa where students can work and learn and accomplish the aforementioned goals.

·When: We would like to have a “soft opening” for a Spring Works Program in March 2013 and start the afternoon and afterschool component as well.

Our Current Projects:

  • Sustainable Businesses - how to create and grow them
  • Sustainable farming classes
  • Water Conservation
  • Organic food production
  • Biodiesel fuel production
  • Solar voltaic energy systems
  • Bee production
  • Composting
  • Summer gardening classes for children
  • Media Art classes (Reel Community Action)
  • Real world sustainability skills
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