Recover. Rebuild. ReNew Patchworks


Patchworks is a program of the Community Service Learning Connection (CSLC), a 501(c).3 nonprofit based in Santa Rosa, California. Patchworks was founded in 2002 by long time educator and Executive Director of CSLC, Noel Schmidt.  

Patchworks has played an integral role in educating Sonoma County youth for the last ten years. 

Patchworks is rebuilding and renewing its vision and commitment to serving Sonoma County’s youth.

At Patchworks, we see the possibility for hope and growth even in the face of failing economic, educational and ecological systems.  We believe in the power of integrated educational programs that allow real world learning and engagement with our community.

Join us to rebuild Patchworks and our community for a better and brighter future.


Our  student inspired programs reach beyond the confines of the classroom and allow real world engagement, innovation and action to restore our planet.


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